My Kind of Town | by +Krista

In case you havenít noticed, Iíve been sort of busy: and the best kind of busy at that: busy traveling! When I started the LeahAndMark internship a million years ago- and even more so when I officially joined the LeahAndMark family a few months later- I knew Iíd probably stay busy. (Which is awesome and […]


Chicago Wedding Flashmob | Jessica & Jeff

This is Jessica and Jeff – I briefly met them for a second when I was up in New York for the APracticalWedding.com YAY New York Event. Actually – that ‘moment’ essentially boiled down to me trying to hustle them into our photobooth that night. There were a lot of other great photographers there – […]

HP + Glynn Preview

From the very beginning, Leah and I set out to attract clients that we like working with. We share a lot of ourselves online – and one of the main reasons is so that clients get a feeling of who we are as people – and not simply photographers. We tell our Interns that you […]