Callanwolde Fine Arts Wedding - Portrait Session

Unetta + Josh | Callanwolde Fine Arts Center Wedding

Have you ever wondered what is it about weddings that I like so much? Or other wedding photographers that gush and say things regularly like “OMG this wedding was amazing!” or “I can’t get over [insert blahblahblah]”. Yeah me neither. I do know that for me – I like working with people. I like working with […]

How to Plan, Make, Create, a Wedding Budget

How to Create and Make a Wedding Budget

First. Honesty. Modern weddings often cost way too much. It’s true. You know this. How much do weddings cost? How much will YOUR wedding cost? It matters AND doesn’t matter. Because really – you CAN get married and have a wedding too. So yeah. How DO you create a wedding budget? How do you make […]

Weekend and a New Year

So, I turned 27 on Monday…  I like my birthday, and I like the month the August.  It’s a time of new beginnings and reflection for me, so I’ve been doing a lot of that.  And this year – well this year is a really new beginning!  I am so excited to be embarking upon […]