Wow. This year has been – amazing. Crazy. Full of travel, photography, fun…and a LOT of hard work. And now we’re reaching the end of 2010.

For me, life is a series of moments. And there were definitely some incredible moments from this past year.

  • There was the day I met my birthmom for the first (ok, technically the second) time. And the day I met my sister. And the day I saw my newest little brother graduate.
  • There was the day Nancy and Sean got married – a wedding planned in two weeks but packed with a lifetime of love. And then there was Megan and Josh. And Kelsey and Adam. And Heather and Glynn. And Shona and Michael. And Rachel and Mike! And Emily and Scot!! And Jamie and Max!!! Each wedding unique. Each one made me cry. And dance. And smile. Tissues now have their own place in my camera bag.
  • There were the family portrait sessions, the maternity and newborn sessions, the photobooths and nonprofit events.
  • There was the day I finished my MSW program and celebrated with classmates who had become dear friends and world-changing colleagues.
  • There was the day I was offered my awesome job and the chance to put those social work skills to use.
  • There was the day Mark quit his not-so-awesome job to do what he loved (that’s photography, in case you were wondering…).
  • There was the day we met Mark Hubbard and joined renew social ventures. Helloooo awesome studio space!
  • Then there were the days the interns started – nervous and not totally confident in their skills. And the days the interns graduated – celebrating their accomplishments and imparting learned-the-hard-way advice to the newest group of interns.
  • There were the days we went to Nepal. And returned to celebrate holidays with our many loved ones. An awesome end to a year of living life to the fullest.

2010 was a great year. 2011 will be even better. Happy New Year!