Wow.  The past two years have been intense.  Filled with so many changes.  I moved twice. I worked 4 different jobs and 2 different internships.  I went to school. I took 18 classes.  I got married.  We started a business.  The business grew (and grew!).  I found my birthmother… and a bunch of awesome new relatives.  I made 60 new friends.  I graduated.

And that brings us to today.  May 3, 2010.  My life is richer and more full of love than ever.  I have credentials!  I have a basic understanding of various tools for facilitating social change.  I am even more passionate about advocating for social justice, standing up for those in our society who are treated, directly or indirectly, as less deserving, less worthy, less… human.  I am more self-aware as a result of this.  Regularly checking in with myself to make sure I am living the ideals I promote, that I am making my own microcosm a better place by treating myself and those around me with the love, respect, and compassion I believe everyone deserves.

Life is so good.  I have a job I love and care about deeply, working with talented, intelligent, kind people who I look forward to seeing every week.  I have a fun and successful business, with my amazing, artistic husband and a team of passionate interns and a boatload of ridiculously awesome clients and supporters.  I have an ever-growing circle of family and friends who surround me with love, support, and inspiration.  Other than world peace, marriage equality, an end to racism and poverty…what more could a person want?

I have to give a huge a shout out to Mark for being so supportive of me these past two years.  From cooking me breakfast, to doing tons of laundry, to working ‘round the clock so that we can pay our bills and still donate to various causes – he has been incredible, untiring, and unwavering in his support and encouragement…  and I really couldn’t have made it through these two years as happily or sanely without him.

Now I have free time!  I can blog!  I can see people!  Let’s go out!  Call/comment/tweet/email/FB me!  Oh happy day.

7 Replies to “Graduation Celebration

  1. That was a very touching blog post Leah…I admire your tenacity…keep it up…

  2. Wow… I can't believe you've finished! I didn't think I'd been visiting you guys for very long. I started dropping by when you guys were in China, and not long after that, you were accepted into college and you moved house. Now you're telling me that was almost TWO YEARS AGO?! Time really flies.. What an adventure you've been on, and will continue to be on I'm sure! Congratulations! x

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