25 Days

In 25 days, these two cuties are getting married! I’m super excited. I feel like we’ve planning and waiting and planning and waiting… and really, it’s flown by, but that’s cuz we’ve been so busy with other stuff. When I really think about it, it just seems like we should be married already.

Although, over this past year that we’ve been engaged, and in spite of my stressed-out meltdown totally empty threats to call off the wedding (more related to the actual wedding hoopla than to Mark, BTW), I think this time has given me a chance to reflect on what we’re doing, what this relationship means to me, and what I hope our marriage will be. And that’s definitely a good thing.

The wedding is going to be awesome. Our officiant and Reiki Master, Cyndie, has crafted such a beautiful, touching, and perfectly “us” ceremony. And the reception will be a blast… and a blur… of so many loved ones. If it’s anything like my bridal shower this past Saturday, I’m going to be wishing I had more time to talk to each and every person in attendance. But that’s a wedding, I suppose. I wish we could do a three-day affair like they do in India, so I could be sure I have plenty of time to spend with everyone. Fortunately, lots of our out of town guests are able to come in a few days before and/or stay a few days after, so at least we’ll get a bit more time with certain people we don’t see enough of.

And wow, can I just say how blessed I feel to have found such an awesome partner? Who is currently washing dishes as we speak? Haha, but that’s not why I love him. We’re just a really great match. Our enthusiasm, our pie-in-the-sky dreams and our audacity to believe… to KNOW… we can achieve them. Don’t try to talk us out of it, either. We have grand adventures ahead, and we are forging on. Together! Forever!

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  1. This is such a warm, loving-kind-of post. Sniff sniif. But really, you guys are one of the most perfect couple – besides me and Hyeon, of course – I’ve ever seen. Congrulations!

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