How to Choose a Wedding Photographer | 5 Tips

FYI (and disclosure) – we’re wedding photographers and we’d like you to hire us. FYIA (For Your Information Also) – There are many great photographers out there, we just hope you consider us 🙂 FYIAA (For Your Information Also Also) – You. Are. Awesome. Listed below are the things we think you should consider when […]

Are You Winning?

I was a little nervous about writing this blog…but then I cured it with my brain! We all see life through our own set of lenses; some metaphorically and some literally. Sometimes what we see is received and translated quite clearly by the outside world and at other times is quite confusing. Now, this week […]

Marketing Intern

We have a lot on our plate this week. The Interns have their assignments to complete, we’re shooting around town, and I’m flying out to Phoenix on Wednesday. I’ll be back in town on Friday and then on Sunday we’ll be at the High Museum on Sunday for ‘Family Day’. Oh – and Saturday’s my […]


I read through the most amazing workbook recently, and one of my favorite exercises from it is one I’ve managed to make a part of almost every aspect of my life. It’s called “the airport game.” The exercise asks that you make a concerted effort to see the beauty of every single human being you […]


By Friday, this will be the count. 7 Photography Interns 3 Contributors 2 +Photographers (+Laura / +Raven) 1 Marketing Intern (Sophia) If you’re new to us here at LeahAndMark – these are our three main principles: Be Different Do Things That Matter Show Everyone When making decisions on what projects to undertake, we ask these […]

Straight Out of the Camera

This Internship is only three months. Along with trying to learn how to improve their ‘shooting’ (technique, events, weddings, headshots, family portraits, conceptual) – the interns also have lots of questions about gear, data management, good locations, finding models, finding clients, building websites, blogging, editing, etc… It’s a lot to learn – and it’s a […]