a Mural {8}

{photos and words | +jo}   Holy Moly! This past week went by really fast. Ok, hope you’re ready for a simple tutorial on how to paint clouds. It really is pretty simple. {And, yes, I know you might not believe me at all… but … Continue readinga Mural {8}

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a Mural {7}

{photos and words | +jo}   There were a couple extra people with me over at Magnolia Pregnancy Resources this time. Eric came by again to continue to work on the lady. AND Intern Edwin came by to check out the progress. It was a little … Continue readinga Mural {7}

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a mural {6}

{photos and words +jo} This week’s update on the mural over at Magnolia Pregnancy Resources.  Have you ever been satisfied with something and then, after some time has passed, you look a the thing and realized it was crap? Yeah. Me too. I’ve never been fantastic … Continue readinga mural {6}

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a Mural {5th}

{Text and Photos by +jo} Wow – last week disappeared. At least that’s how I feel about it. So many thing are happening right now. I know I’m going to enjoy it all because that’s the least I can do. And take pictures to share with … Continue readinga Mural {5th}

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a Mural {4th}

{photos and text by +jo} I bet you thought you weren’t going to get an update on what I’ve been up to over at Magnolia Pregnancy Resources? SURPRISE!  So all the prep work is completed. Now to the part that really matters. The painting. I … Continue readinga Mural {4th}

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a Mural {3rd}

{all photos and text by +jo}   It’s been a crazy week and it will be crazy this coming week. I’ll keep it simple with this update: things were drawn. You can’t really see much in these photos… and even if you could the final … Continue readinga Mural {3rd}

a Mural {2nd}

{all photos and text by +jo} Wow – so here is a quick update on the process of the mural I’m doing over at Magnolia Pregnancy Resources.  On the larger section of wall was wallpaper. Really really old wallpaper which had about twelve layers of … Continue readinga Mural {2nd}