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1. If available, please provide us with your wedding website.

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3. Please confirm the exact details of your PREPARATION (Including start/end time and address for both parties)

4. Please confirm the exact details of your CEREMONY (Including start/end time and address.)

5. Please confirm the exact details of your RECEPTION (Including start/end time and address. If you have an estimated schedule of events please list them.)

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6. Family Formals Shot List (Make a list of all the group combinations you want completed during your family formals.)

7. Estimated number of wedding guests?

8. Are there any special family situations that we should be aware of? (divorced parents, etc)

9. Name of Best Man?

10. Name of Maid of Honor?

11. Will you be having a First Look?

12. Are there any unique or meaningful details that you would like us to capture? (Heirloom jewelry, handmade decorations, etc.)

13. Do you have a Videographer?

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