Cinco de Drinko!

Time is short and I’m tired. Luckily, I have lots of photos and even some video of our Cinco de Drinko excursion yesterday. After all of the rain on Saturday, it was a gloriously sunny day here in Atlanta. We drove around lots and eventually made our way to our friend Lauren’s new swanky high […]

Little Five Points (L5P if you’re cool)

Yesterday we hung out with Leah’s brother and went down to Little Five Points. We currently live about five miles east, and we hardly ever make it over there to just walk around amongst all of the tattooed hipsters with actual ‘cred’, the gluttons of wannabes, and then everyone else – it’s the sort of […]

Happy Anniversary to Us!

It’s our Three-Year today. Our first date was on the first Friday of May. We use the ‘First Friday’ as our anniversary instead of the actual date because we met up in Phoenix at the monthly event called “First Fridays” – and it’s just more fun to remember it that way. First Fridays is the […]

Naxi Hospitality

Yunnan province has many different minority groups, and Lijiang is home to several, but primarily to the Naxi people. The Naxis are ethnically Tibetan, speak their own Naxi language and use a pictograph writing system- the oldest still in use, in fact. They are a matriarchal society, whereby the women inherit all property, can have […]

In Search of Breakfast

Every morning, we generally wake up around 5 or 6am, and wait a second, then make our way onto the streets in search of some food. America has no concept of street food (other than say a hotdog cart) so we’ve just been indulging at nearly every opportunity we come across. Usually we just head […]