Theresa & Nate by +Raven

I’m shooting Theresa & Nate’s wedding next year. In case it’s not obvious why I’m stupidly excited about this fact, I’ll tell you.† The entire time I was editing their session, I had the biggest smile on my face.† And it’s not something that happens super often.† Normally, it’s “intense-concentration” face with a little “ahh!” […]


Chayne & Jeremy | By Intern Ellie

When I came to America I never imagined that things would work out the way they have. I didnít think Iíd drink this much coffee, I didnít think I would get as sunburnt as I did over 4th of July and I didnít think I would photograph this many weddings over such a short amount […]


Jocelyn & Jon | By Intern Ellie

I have a problem. Itís called being a people pleaser. I know, itís not really a problem. Only it is. Because instead of doing what I think would be awesome, my mind first and foremost thinks about what I should do or what it thinks other people would want or want me to produce. Itís […]