Crystal + Gabriel | Wedding Preview by +Raven

– Posted by +Raven Crys & Gabe have a dog named Isis.  They hike.  They camp.  They live within walking distance of the beach.  They have the biggest hearts of almost anyone I’ve met.  They’re goofy, they’re fun, they’re sweet. I was really nervous when we had our phone consultation.  I wanted them to like […]

Mallory + Peter | Wedding Preview

Being a wedding photographer means getting invited to the best parties to do the thing that you love the most: photograph. I could not ask for a better job. This wedding, that of Mallory & Peter, marks my first roadtrip wedding. Alumni Intern Niki, second shooter Nick, and I all got to spend the evening […]

HP + Glynn Preview

From the very beginning, Leah and I set out to attract clients that we like working with. We share a lot of ourselves online – and one of the main reasons is so that clients get a feeling of who we are as people – and not simply photographers. We tell our Interns that you […]

Us, Fried Chicken, Biscuits & Ark A.

1st. Y’all need to blog today so I can read. So it’s finally Friday. Exciting times up ahead. Packing. No really, we are coming down to the wire now since the movers will come on Tuesday morning – so we’ll be doing the majority of the packing tonight and then all day Saturday and whatever’s […]

Naxi Hospitality

Yunnan province has many different minority groups, and Lijiang is home to several, but primarily to the Naxi people. The Naxis are ethnically Tibetan, speak their own Naxi language and use a pictograph writing system- the oldest still in use, in fact. They are a matriarchal society, whereby the women inherit all property, can have […]