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Alice + Joel | Wedding Preview by +Raven

– Posted by +Raven This summer marks the end of a string of Atlanta weddings for me, and leads straight into a fall full of travel.† Now, aside from journeying to Tybee Island with Alumni Intern Sonya, I haven’t had the opportunity to travel to shoot a wedding yet.† But come 2012, I’ll have shot […]


Clockwork Carnival by +Raven

– Posted by +Raven Iíve always been a casual fan of steampunk.††My favorite time periods have always been Regency {thank you, Jane Austen!} and Victorian {thank you, Charles Dickens!}, and Iíve always had a fantasy/sci-fi flare, meaning that steampunkery just kind of came naturally. Regency and Victorian both appeal to me, I think, because of […]


Audrey & Eric by +Raven

-Posted by +Raven If you were to ask me what my one goal is when I meet a client, I wouldnít tell you that itís to book the gig. This is, of course, one of my goals, but not the main one. My main goal is to get to know them. To become friends with […]


Boudoir Session

-Posted by +Raven This is Mandi. Mandi is beautiful. Mandi is strong. Mandi is awesome. So are you. One of the things I love about shooting boudoir is something I’ve said time and time again. Women {and young girls, for that matter} don’t feel beautiful enough. {And I’m not saying I’m immune, either.} We, in […]