WUOG Photobooth by +Raven

Current Intern Jo and I spent some quality time together on Saturday in Athens after our Great Space Western shoot that morning.  {Yeah, you read that right.  It was epic.  More to come soon.} She and I were there running a photobooth for WUOG, the radio station of UGA, during their carnival fundraiser for Nuci’s […]

Thursday by +Raven | Dawn & Andy’s Wedding Preview

I met Dawn & Andy a while back, when I was still first getting started.  And I kind of loved them from the very beginning. Not only are they super laidback, which is ALWAYS nice, when I asked them what they didn’t like about themselves in pictures, they responded “Nothing.”  Which, coincidentally is the exact […]


Thursday by +Raven | You Don’t Have to Get Married

You don’t have to get married. Right now, or ever, if you don’t want to. I know. Sounds like blasphemy coming from a wedding photographer. But it’s true. There is no ticking clock, counting down until your expiration date. The time when you become unlovable, a spinster, destined to spend your life alone and lonely. […]


Crystal + Gabriel | Wedding Preview by +Raven

– Posted by +Raven Crys & Gabe have a dog named Isis.  They hike.  They camp.  They live within walking distance of the beach.  They have the biggest hearts of almost anyone I’ve met.  They’re goofy, they’re fun, they’re sweet. I was really nervous when we had our phone consultation.  I wanted them to like […]


Maru + Michael | Wedding Preview by +Raven

Instead of closing with a thank you to the bride and groom, I’m going to open with one. Because I want it to be the first thing that they see and that everyone else sees for this wedding. THANK YOU, Maru & Michael. Thank you for being SO awesome, and thank you for inviting us […]