Drag Pun Goes Here by +Raven

I’ve always been a big fan of make-up. Which is maybe a little surprising, considering I hardly wear any on an everyday basis. But I’ve always thought the ability to change people was SO AMAZING. For a while, I even thought I wanted to be a special effects make-up artist. I’m still fascinated, and most […]


Hannah & Tate’s Awkward Session by +Raven

  Hannah & Tate approached me with the desire to do an “Awkward Couple’s Session.”  You know, like AwkwardFamilyPhotos.com? And I said HELL YES. What’s awkward photos without some spot coloring, tiny people, and Photoshopped wings? So, not only was the session FREAKIN’ FUN, but it was also challenging, believe it or not. Because what […]


You Are Powerful by +Raven

You are incredibly powerful. Do you know that? No, like, really. I know for a fact that you don’t tell yourself that enough. Start. I finally broke down and started reading this book on the subject of love and positive thinking recently {which I won’t name, in the hopes that I come off less like […]


Heather & Johnny’s Wedding Preview by +Raven

I love laidback brides. In fact, I refuse to shoot anyone else.  You have to be laidback, all-around awesome, and most of all, understand that if, at the end of the wedding day, you’re married, all went well. Heather & Johnny are a lot of fun.  Their wedding was early March, and as the old […]


Collaboration by +Raven

All by myself, don’t wanna be all by myself, anymore. – Celine Dion Shoots Featured: The Curtis Blackwell Band {bluegrass, and amazing} with Intern Matt & the Cherry Bomb Boutique with Intern Krista and Intern Marie-Alice I prefer not to shoot alone.  Like, REALLLLLLY prefer not to. Can I do it? YEAH. But I like […]


Being a Boy Scout by +Raven

Being a photographer is a lot like being a Boy Scout {or so I’m told}.  It means being prepared. Always.  FOR ANYTHING.  Especially as a wedding photographer. It’s happened before where I’ll bring a group of interns out to shoot in some crazy condition or another, and at the end of the session, when I […]