Photobooth photo editing

I had been working steadily on editing the photos from last Saturday’s Indie Craft Experience – and after running through about 3/4th of them – I realized that I can do better. I can make these photos 102% better than anything they’re expecting – especially for an unplanned, 3 minute, free photo session (for them). […]

Antico Pizza

First! Here are photos from our night at Antico Pizza last Saturday. Click. We shot about 120 mini photo shoots last Saturday at the Indie Craft Experience!… and while it originally started out as just a ‘photobooth’ – I don’t really know how to operate one of those, so instead of leaving the camera on […]

Sarah B.

Click Here to view Sarah’s Gallery. This was the final shoot from last Saturday. I met Sarah at one of the Yelp events that we shot a few months ago and then later I learned that she was friends with an old high school (but still current) friend of Leah’s. In case you haven’t noticed, […]

Whitney S.

CLICK HERE for Whitney’s Photo Gallery: I met Whitney back in July – during fight choreography for a small film that we both worked on for a second. She’s in the last photo of this previous post – and then more in the link to the flickr set in that post. Our characters actually had […]

Addy C.

Click Here to view the small gallery of Addy’s photo shoot. This past Saturday we had three photo shoots/ portrait sessions. The first one was with our friend Addy C. – I also learned a few things during this shoot. If you’re doing a photo shoot in the woods, tell the subjects to bring shoes […]