Megan & Paul

Check out the Small Preview Gallery. Click. Here. I think we have discovered the secret ingredient for any great photo shoot. Cupcakes. Who knew right? I mean – all this time I’ve been focused on lights, and lenses, and even talking to the subjects – but apparently all you need are good cupcakes! Fortunately – […]

Ashley E.

Click here to see the photos! This will be a short post. Partly due to the fact that my head is going to explode (from ideas!) and then partly because it’s taken me far too long to even write this amount of text. Still. This shoot with Ashley was on the same day I photographed […]

Molly S.

Click Here for the Preview Gallery. Molly is Crazy. Like really crazy. We initially tried to knock out this photo shoot about 5 weeks ago – but things kept getting in the way and we had to re-schedule approximately 57 times. I know. It was really inconvenient to reschedule something 57 times. You almost want […]

Menswear Fashion Show

(I know his fly is open – but about 1/3 of the guys had open flys – so many that I wasn’t sure if it was an artistic choice or if they really just kept forgetting to zip it up.) Click Here to view the Preview Gallery. Click. It’s been a while since I’ve shot […]

Thanksgiving Dinner

Here are our Thanksgiving dinner photos. I know. You. Are. Excited…Click Here. We really like taking photos – have you noticed? This year I am most thankful for two things: my family, and our super fun photography endeavor.  Wait, no make that three things…I’m also really thankful for my social work education/internship/burgeoning career. So, to […]

Finished: Indie Craft Experience

We had an awesome time at this year’s Indie Craft Experience: Holiday Shopping Spectacular! It was really great meeting everyone that spent a few minutes with us during the short photo sessions and we hope you like your photos. The FREE 4×6 .jpg file Download instructions can be found at this link CLICK HERE. and […]