How to Plan, Make, Create, a Wedding Budget

How to Create and Make a Wedding Budget

First. Honesty. Modern weddings often cost way too much. It’s true. You know this. How much do weddings cost? How much will YOUR wedding cost? It matters AND doesn’t matter. Because really – you CAN get married and have a wedding too. So yeah. How DO you create a wedding budget? How do you make […]


Wish you were here! | by +Krisandra

Get ready! A post about how awesome my vacation was! Yep, I am going to post photos from my vacation. No models, no wedding, no babies… none of that! Just pure tourist type photos (ok, there are a couple people here and there). You know the photos that have “wish you were here” written across […]

Paddle Faster

About a million years ago, when I was applying for the LeahAndMark internship, I kept seeing the same foreshadowing sentence everywhere I turned: “You’re going to shoot more in the next three months than you’ve probably ever shot in your life.” And, because Mark is [almost] always right, I did. In the three months during […]

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Katie + Jamie | N.C. Wedding Preview

– Posted by Leah This is my friend Katie.  And her brand-new husband Jamie!  Katie and I trekked in Tibet together.  Ate dal bhat in Nepal.  Met the Dalai Lama in India.  We’ve had some awesome adventures, because Katie and I are awesome people.  And also because we did a Tibetan Studies semester abroad back […]