You Are Powerful by +Raven

You are incredibly powerful. Do you know that? No, like, really. I know for a fact that you don’t tell yourself that enough. Start. I finally broke down and started reading this book on the subject of love and positive thinking recently {which I won’t name, in the hopes that I come off less like […]


Meeting 2012 Head-on by +Raven

Well, my turn for a new year’s post. Since joining Pinterest a few weeks back {and yes, I’m obsessed}, I’ve seen a ton of really awesome inspirational things. Words of wisdom, little reassurances, awesome images others have taken, etc. My favorite one by far, though, was this: “My 2012 New Year’s Resolution: Be Better.” I’ve […]

April Ferocious!

Click Here to view the Preview Gallery: I know. It’s been a while since we last posted – but we’ve been working hard! Last Saturday we shot this photo shoot with April. She’s actually a music artist and is working on some new stuff that should be out in a few months. You can hear […]