To Live

I have a confession. Iím not really an outdoorsy girl. And yet, youíre looking at photos I made last weekend- made while I waded neck-deep into the Chattahoochee River, dodging fish and snakes and maybe a flesh-eating bacterium or two. Huh. How do you like that? My photography pushes me like nothing else Iíve ever […]


The Beginning

Hey! Guess what? I’m a plus! First off, a secret. When I started†the internship with LeahAndMark.com, I had no idea what I was in forÖ which was actually kind of the point. Sure, I wanted to shoot more, meet new people, and find ways to both improve and feel more confident in my work, yadda […]


Prom Night

– Posted by Krista Once upon a time, I didn’t like high school. I got good grades and managed to avoid the shame of riding the bus once my friends and I could drive, but mostly, high school sucked. I couldn’t wait to break out and move on, away from the math classes I loathed […]