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One of those Weeks {+jo}

  {text and images by +jo} A lot comes to my mind right now. I think an 18-wheeler ran me over while I was asleep. I’m that tried right now. But that’s my own fault and I need to keep working. The lyrics “I’m on the edge of glory and I’m hanging on a moment […]

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Wedding Day Hooray {Snippets} +jo

{photos by +jo} :: We interrupt your regullary scheduled {Mural} update for this weeks special event! :: So this weekend was Indie Craft Experiences‘ fantastic Wedding Day Hooray! It was definitely something to do a little jig and shout “Hooray” over. Practically everyone over here at LeahAndMark.com was there for it. The interns scattered to take there […]


a Mural {3rd}

{all photos and text by +jo}   It’s been a crazy week and it will be crazy this coming week. I’ll keep it simple with this update: things were drawn. You can’t really see much in these photos… and even if you could the final painting won’t look anything like what is on the wall […]

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Terra Opening {Kai-Lin Art} +jo

{images and text by +jo}   On Friday night I had the pleasure to head over to Kai-Lin Art to photograph the opening of the latest gallery show: Terra.     The owner, Yu-Kai, is a kind fellow who always has a smile on his face. He knows what it takes to put on a […]

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a Mural {2nd}

{all photos and text by +jo} Wow – so here is a quick update on the process of the mural I’m doing over at Magnolia Pregnancy Resources.  On the larger section of wall was wallpaper. Really really old wallpaper which had about twelve layers of paint on it. The seams were splitting away and I was very […]

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a Mural {beginnings}

  {Images and text by +jo}   Normally I my posts go up on Monday mornings but we have Season [SeVen] flooding the gates with their first posts. Check ’em out!   This is the beginning of a big project I’m doing. It’s funny how life will throw things out there for you to catch. Mark’s good […]