Brittany + Chris | Weddings by LeahAndMark

Brittany is actually Alumni Intern Brittany from Season [Nine] of our Internship. Wedding photographers often write about their clients things like ‘their day was so special; they are really in love; you could tell that white unicorns with laser eyes were looking down on them that day’ – but none of that ever really captures […]

An Intern Experience

These photos are all by current Intern Marj. She moved here from Colorado for the three months of the internship – and even though it’s only been about three weeks, she seems to have gone through quite the range of emotions and experiences. It’s a big risk and leap of faith for someone to move […]


Chayne & Jeremy | By Intern Ellie

When I came to America I never imagined that things would work out the way they have. I didnít think Iíd drink this much coffee, I didnít think I would get as sunburnt as I did over 4th of July and I didnít think I would photograph this many weddings over such a short amount […]