Six (6) Backyard Wedding Tips

We Make Amazing Wedding Photos for You   Over the years we’ve learned that while many weddings are often alike – many weddings are often very different. So when clients tells us that they’re ‘having a backyard wedding’ – we know to dig a little deeper. Because these days – a backyard wedding can mean […]


Blogging Perspective

Every now and then I forget that I am fortunate enough to able to do what I do. Iactually forget how fortunate I am to be a full time photographer – and to be doing it relatively well. It’s easy to take for granted that we book enough work to provide for the BabyRoX, to […]


Photographing Stories

– Posted by Mark Lately we’ve been thinking a lot about storytelling and exactly how we do that (or try to do that). If you look at our wedding portfolio (and many those of many other wedding photographers) – you’ll see a collection ofepic/amazing/highlight shots – and not a storytelling series of anyone’s wedding day. […]


Wednesday by Leah: Nursing In Public

– Posted by Leah This popped up in my Facebook feed yesterday: So, for those of you not up-to-date on your breastfeeding literature, this is a take on the common “Tips for Nursing in Public” that is found all over the place for new moms. It really got me thinking. I’m not super-modest overall, but […]

Placenta Encapsulation | Photos | Process | How To | LeahAndMark.com | Atlanta Photographers

Placenta Encapsulation

– Text by Leah – Photos by Mark So I decided to encapsulate my placenta. Or, rather, I decided to hire someone to come over to my house and encapsulate it for me (thanks, Melanie!). Honestly, if I think about it too much it still grosses me out. *But* I’m happy to report that the […]

How to Choose a Wedding Photographer | 5 Tips

FYI (and disclosure) – we’re wedding photographers and we’d like you to hire us. FYIA (For Your Information Also) – There are many great photographers out there, we just hope you consider us 🙂 FYIAA (For Your Information Also Also) – You. Are. Awesome. Listed below are the things we think you should consider when […]