Atlanta, Boston, and Beyond!

Whew, this week has been a doozy.  It’s been SO AWESOME with confirming a local Atlanta wedding, AND booking 2 weddings in Boston in the space of one week.  What are the chances? And HOW FREAKING COOL!  I am so super excited to travel for weddings, and so happy that my future brides and grooms […]

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Sunny South Africa | The Cape | + Debra

Posted by + Debra Whew! So I just got home from attending the “A Practical Wedding Book Tour” in Atlanta, hosted by Young Blood Gallery and “A Wedding Day Hooray“.  I am feeling energized! It’s always a pleasure to meet funny, open minded, outspoken, and honest people.  Meg of APW is all that and a […]

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Sunny South Africa | The Karoo Desert | +Debra

Posted by +Debra  After leaving Kruger National Park we began driving through the country down towards the Cape.  It was about 3 days of driving, stopping the first 2 nights in various cities.  My siblings and I opted to journey the scenic way to give ourselves an opportunity to experience and see the awesome diversity […]

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We Are All Learning | + Debra

Apply for Season Seven of our Photography Internship Here Posted by +Debra I just got back from South Africa this week, and the best part about the jet lag is having a ton of applications to read for Season 7 Interns.  There are a lot of people vying for a spot in Season 7, and […]


2011 Review by +Debra

– Posted by Debra 2011 has certainly been a life changing year for me. The most amazing thing to happen this year has been the birth of my son Shannon. Among the many highlights were the many weddings I witnessed, the new babies I met, the new mommy friends I made, the awesome and rockstar […]

AIA Fashion Show | Debra Edgar | Art Institute Atlanta | Revolution | Defoors Center | LeahAndMark.com

Revolution | Atlanta Art Institute Fashion Show | + Debra

– Posted by + Debra Is it just me, or does everybody have a camera? It’s astonishing to me when I shoot events just how many people have cameras.  There are cameras in our phones, in our iPads, touchpads, laptops, and point and shoots. There are cameras in our jacket pockets, our purses.  There are […]