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It’s not about the equipment | +jo

{photos and text by +jo} iPhoneography. That’s what really got me to take my self a little more serious about photography. There are a lot of opinions out there about iPhoneography and what it’s applications mean to a lot of different industries. I didn’t have a clue one year ago. I’ve written about what the […]

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Healing Yourself – chiropractic care | +jo

{images and text by +jo} I know last week I kinda threw out a lot of stuff and one biggie was that I don’t have the greatest health. I never really have. I’m not saying it’s something as big as cancer but there has always been -something- wrong. Sometimes I do it to myself. Sometimes […]

New Years Resolutions & a Recap by +Jo

– Posted by +Jo I hope your New Year has started off amazing. I hope you were safe and had a lot of fun on New Year’s Eve. You deserved it. I’ve been rather vacant lately. This year holds so much potential – something I don’t think I fully took advantage of in the last. […]

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Joelle’s Birth by +Jo

– Posted by +Jo A few months back I was contacted by LeeAnn about doing a maternity shoot in Arkansas. Eventually, through many texts and emails, it was decided there would be maternity, birth and new born sessions. Man was this crazy to plan. And timing had to be just right. I go home to […]


one path | +Jo

-Posted by +Jo Around here everyone is self taught. You pick up, shoot and figure everything out along the way. It’s just how it’s done. It’s even a selling point for Leah and Mark that they didn’t go to an art school to learn about photography. That makes it all the more impressive. There have […]


Kathleen Hanna & Alumni Intern Andre

– Posted by Alumni Intern Andre (The Original High Museum Halloween Post is HERE.) I was seventeen the first time I saw Kathleen Hanna perform; Le Tigre played a show in the gym of a local university. Amongst the oddments of memory, I recall a particular moment in which she paused the music and yelled […]