Wedding Photos and more Photos

We’re about to get our wedding photos from our Photographer but I couldn’t wait anymore and I had to post some here. These are honestly just screen captures from the draft galleries that he let us take a look at – I’ll switch them with the hi-res pics when we get them in a day […]


Our super talented friend Sean took the above photo.  Woohoo!  He takes lots of awesome pics.  That’s why I like him.  Oh, yeah, and he’s a super nice guy. Anyhow, I love how in every single picture of my walk down the aisle, I have this crazy open-mouthed expression of happy surprise.  I just loved […]

25 Days

In 25 days, these two cuties are getting married!  I’m super excited.  I feel like we’ve planning and waiting and planning and waiting… and really, it’s flown by, but that’s cuz we’ve been so busy with other stuff.  When I really think about it, it just seems like we should be married already. Although, over […]

The Week Ahead

First. We’re not getting iPhones. We had planned on picking them up yesterday, but after re-crunching numbers and realizing some new upcoming expenses related to our wedding/honeymoon, the approximate extra $60 a month to our already increasing cell phone bills was simply too much to cover ($60 isn’t much, except when you’re already increasing by […]

Facts and Blogs

Okay, everyone can read Mark’s entry below, so I’m not posting the rules again… but here are 6 things about me you may or may not find interesting: 1. When I have to use a public toilet, I always tear off the end of the toilet paper and dispose of it before tearing off some […]