Why You Should Give Up (Part One)

This is Part One. Click here for Part Two – Why You Should [Not] Give Up. 1. There’s too much competition. One in four people in the United States is a photographer. One-half of the people on Facebook have a ‘Fan/Company Page’ for their photography business. We [Leah and Me] are creating a new cropRead more

Accepting Applications in 2.5 Weeks

If you’re new to things here at LeahAndMark.com – we do more than just photograph weddings, or family portraits, or anime conventions. We also have a photography internship. We think it’s hands down the best around, in real life or on the internets. Each term last three months – and we ask for a crazyRead more

Season 4 | Marketing 103

Last Friday we held another one of our Photography Business/Marketing workshops. Only Current Interns (and a select few Alumni Interns) are allowed to attend. Each person was instructed to write a blog post including two points from the session. Below is Sophia’s entry – and you can click on each photo to read the entriesRead more

Brainstorming is Hard (and Beautiful)

– posted by Sophia (our Marketing Intern) The best part about working with LeahAndMark is that I am now giving myself permission to look at everything as inspiration. I donít know for sure yet, but I have an instinctive guess that I need to be willing to let in strangeness and serendipity. So Iím actuallyRead more