When ideas come to life | by +Krisandra

As a creative, I am always trying to push the limits of my ideas. I have notebooks with sketches, words, print cut outs. I collect wedding magazines. I have notes on my phone, images saved. I have tons of Pinterest boards. I have IDEAS. But, it’s one thing to have ideas and quite another to […]


Photography Competition | by +Krisandra

Back on a cold, rainy day in February the Season [X] interns had a group shoot at the Southeastern Railway Museum. As we all paid our entrance the employees were handing us flyers and things that I shoved into my pockets. We did our shoot and went on about our lives. A couple days later […]


Photography as therapy | by +Krisandra

For the past couple weekends I have been hanging out at Kate’s Club with some pretty amazing people. For those of you reading who aren’t familiar with Kate’s Club here is a statement from their website. It summarizes perfectly who they are: “Kate’s Club is …FUN! It’s a misconception to think of Kate’s Club as a sad […]


Doing More | by +Luiza

I’m always telling you to do more. To expand your talents. Try new things. Experiment. Well… I’m not all talk. This is kind of a secret, but it’s hard to keep it all to myself. Right now I’m working with some really talented people to put together a music video, and I can’t tell you too […]


Wedding Workshop | by +Luiza

So you already know that being an intern with LeahAndMark is awesome. I tell you this every other time I write. The other +photographers tell you this. Mark tells you this. And the interns tell you this. And show you. All. The. Time. You see the awesome, creative work that comes out of the internship. […]


Versatility | by +Luiza

Why would you shoot only family portraits? Or only weddings? Or only events? Or only any one thing? There is so much world to see and so many photos to be taken, and limiting yourself  to only one or only few things seems so… foolish. On every shoot I go to, no matter what, I […]