It’s January 1st, 2020 – and I have refrained/resisted from posting any goals/wants/resolutions for the coming year. Mostly – I’ve been on a big kick of… not announcing the things I want to do or plan to do – and just… doing them. 

But then what will I write about? 

I. Have. No. Idea.

I guess… everything else. But really – we’ve just moved into a new house – our forever house (as long as forever is these days) and it’s all kinds of awesome. But mostly – it’s all kinds of permanent. A permanent that we’ve never had before. Which means that decorating feels like… a real thing to do. It’s not the same when you KNOW that you’re going to move in two years (or less). Because then you just keep thinking to yourself… all this stuff I’m buying to decorate my home is just stuff I have to move. 

So not anymore. Now we’re in OUR HOUSE. And it’s a glorious home. 

A few short notes before we get into this 2020:

  • I’m working on getting this #WitchyKombuchy thing really going.
  • I’m still booking weddings – only much more selectively about my clients (and I mean that in the for reals way, not the fake “I’m a business person” way.)
  • Everyday is new.