When I started practicing reiki in 2001, I unknowingly opened myself to a beautiful, life-changing ability to feel and connect with those who have died. Deceased loved ones would drop in when I was giving reiki to a friend or client. I would find myself overcome with emotion, feeling all the love and grief and excitement. Sometimes I would feel the death itself, and the transition into spirit. And even though I practiced reiki, these experiences of life after death made me question myself… because I didn’t believe that what I was experiencing was possible.

I’ve now had 18 years to warm up to the idea that some part of us does exist beyond our physical selves. I’ve had too many “impossible” experiences to doubt this. I’ve heard too many remarkable stories from clients. But I’m not here to be a medium. I’m not the messenger between you and your loved one. Mediums offer meaningful, significant connections to those who have died. They can support people in times of grief and help build that bridge or validate the continued existence of those in spirit. But my role is different.

Have you received signs from a loved one who has died? Have you had inexplicable “coincidences” occur that in some way make you think of your loved one? Have you had vivid dreams where you can see, feel, or talk to someone who is deceased? Do these experiences challenge your rational mind?

This happens *all* the time. And, in my line of work, these experiences of communication and connection are the norm rather than the oddity.

Leah lays her hands on a patient's head, giving reiki

Over the years, I’ve found individual “dead folks” wanting direct connection with their living loved ones. They don’t want to have to go through a medium every time. They want to build an active relationship with *you* – one-on-one. I found myself teaching people the same steps over and over to help them connect with those in spirit. The suggestions came from the deceased themselves, and from the things I do in my own practice that help me connect with guides and loved ones. And I saw how these simple practices really helped open the lines of communication between Spirit and the Physical.

So, after about 4 years of patient but persistent requests from those in Spirit, I finally put together an online course to share the steps that help you connect with those who have died (and who are wanting to stay in touch). I’m excited to see where this journey leads. If you’re interested in learning more, the course is being offered at the introductory price of $47 for this month only: Click Here.

I love hearing your stories about connecting with loved ones, so please feel free to share! I dream of a world where interdimensional communication is a commonly acknowledged fact of life. Let’s make this happen!

Find out more at The Eighth House or Sign up for the online course.