One of the things that many people forget to think about for their wedding day is their transportation. How are you going to get to everywhere you need to be? Where you are you getting ready? How will you go from there to the venue for your ceremony? What about after your ceremony over to where your reception is taking place?

Sure. It might be super easy if everything is taking place in one location – but if it’s not – you need to think about all the in-betweens. Home to the salon to home to the church to the reception to the hotel. That’s a lot right there!

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And then if you have a large wedding party – and you’re planning on everyone traveling together – will everyone fit? Will YOU fit with your gigantic poofy wedding dress? Maybe. Maybe not. You should probably make SURE that you all will in fact fit in whatever vehicle is moving you and your team from place to place!

Uber? Taxi? MAKE SURE it’s a large vehicle. Make Sure Make Sure Make Sure.

Your transportation is easily something you can lock down and plan for before your wedding day – so take a few minutes and make the proper arrangements. Or – you know – make your maid of honor/best man take care of that for you. Sounds like a job they should be able to handle right? Hopefully. Ha. Of course they can handle that!


Along with all of that – make sure you have your getaway plan for the end of the night. After along day of wedding-things, you don’t want to have to worry about getting to your hotel room.

Alright! If I don’t see you on your day, have a great wedding and I’ll talk to you later!


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