Destination Weddings are awesome! Well – they can be awesome.

But where do you begin?

I don’t know either – but here’s what I know – if you’re looking to cut down on the number of people attending your wedding… HAVE A DESTINATION WEDDING.

Basically – make sure that the people you REALLY want at your wedding, can attended/fly/make it there – and then everyone else… they’re on their own man. And most of them won’t be able to make it. Seriously. Work peoples? Ha. Someone has to stay behind while you’re away on a beach. Lame relatives? They’re lame so they were probably only coming for the free food and drinks AND they weren’t going to give you a good gift anyway.

Best friends? Of course they’ll be there. THEY WILL DO WHATEVER IT TAKES. (unless they’re preggers or something – that’s an alright excuse.)

Oh – and here’s a PRO TIP – don’t invite anyone that will make the trip all about them – and not all about you guys getting married.

Because F*ck that.

Oh yeah. I should probably include some actual tips on how to have a destination wedding in Playa del Carmen, Mexico (like the title of this post suggests.)

Well – first check out this video from Cassi & Nick’s wedding!

SO. Tips.

1. Work with a travel agency/operator. 

Sure you can piece everything together – but NO. Don’t do that. Get help. A travel agency is especially helpful for your guests – because the agency will do all of the organizing and then all you have to do is check up on things. Who’s booked their trip, who hasn’t – stuff like that. But you don’t have to do any of the flights/hotels/airport transfer organizing.

2. Be available to your guests.

You are basically inviting them on vacation with you. SO HAVE A VACATION WITH THEM. Especially if it’s a few days/week of time. Don’t hide in your room. Spend time with everyone you invited. Whether that’s a planned dinner/lunch every day or taking over a corner of the pool (or a whole pool). Don’t leave anyone out – even the introverts. (but you’re not their butler/doormat/ concierge either.)

3. Arrive a few days before your wedding day and leave a few days after your wedding day. 

You get a few days to start relaxing before your wedding – and then a few days after to party!

4. Decide on how much you actually care about your wedding photos. 

Your options are basically – hire the resort photographer, or bring your own. Obviously bringing your own is going to cost you way more money – but the photos will be WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY MORE. More better. More awesome. More everything. It’s not a bad choice to take a chance with the resort photographer – if you don’t give any fucks about your wedding photos.


Look. If you’re having a destination wedding and you’re not having any fun – then that’s actually a REALLY BAD THING. Because dammit – not having fun at your big fancy wedding ‘back home’ was exactly what you were trying to avoid by having a destination wedding with fewer people. So SOMETHING IS WRONG IF YOU’RE NOT HAVING FUN. Fix whatever that is ASAP. Kill it. Squash it. Send that person home. Whatever it takes. Don’t put up with it.

6. If you’re having your wedding down in Playa del Carmen – hire this lady and rent all of your decor from her instead of having the hotel do it, and instead of flying down 10 suitcases full of decorations.

DSC_4228-2Playa Del Carmen | Mexico | Destination Wedding | Cancun | LeahAndMark & Co.DSC_5093Wedding-Grooms-Suits-001DSC_5118Playa Del Carmen | Mexico | Destination Wedding | Cancun | LeahAndMark & Co.DSC_5438Playa Del Carmen | Mexico | Destination Wedding | Cancun | LeahAndMark & Co.

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