This Post is about Destination Weddings in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

Destination Weddings are awesome! Well – they can be awesome. But where do you begin? I don’t know either – but here’s what I know – if you’re looking to cut down on the number of people attending your wedding… HAVE A DESTINATION WEDDING. Basically – make sure that the people you REALLY want atRead more

This Post is About Having a NYE (New Year’s Eve) Wedding

Let’s get to it. If you’re planning on having your wedding on New Year’s Eve – it better be a great party. Like a GREAT PARTY. Otherwise you fail your guests. Sure – you can take comfort in the whole “my guests just want to celebrate us getting married blahblahblah” – not on New Year’sRead more

This Post is about the Indie Craft Experience (Holiday Edition!)

Hai. I’m Mark. I’m a photographer. I photograph weddings and things. I spent all day at the Indie Craft Experience (Holiday Shopping Spectacular!) – and you know – it was all kinds of awesome. If you haven’t ever attended – you should. Because. (That’s a real reason right?) This is their 11th year and ifRead more