So my weekend was pretty freakin’ sweet.

I got to go see The Electric Sons, Yeasayer, Grouplove, Ellie Goulding, and Passion Pit. Up front. And call it “work”. I even got to go on stage with Ellie Goulding. What up! (ok I’m done bragging. I think.)


I just really love what I do, you guys.

This time last year, I also photographed Party in the Park as intern Luiza. And it was AMAZING. So I kind of knew what to expect, but even so, this year blew my mind.



A lot was the same and a lot was different and it all was just. freaking. awesome. The bands put on a great show, the crowd was bigger, the fans were louder, more excited, and carried dinosaurs with them. Pretty sure I even saw an unicorn with laser eyes somewhere.



And it’s crazy to me to look back at the photos and see just how much I’ve grown this past year. And how much more comfortable I am with a camera in a crowd. And in front of a crowd.



Awesome interns Michaella and Kristi also joined me this year. And we got to do superawesomecool things like go on top on the Omni Hotel to take superawesomecool photos of everyone having a groovy time while we were also having a groovy time. Because when you’re an intern (or a plus) it’s impossible not to have a groovy time. Especially when you’re shooting a party. In the park.


Don’t get me wrong, we work hard. Really really ridiculously hard. And it’s not always glamorous, but it’s always worth it. Because being on your feet for hours, carrying around heavy gear, and editingand writing until 3AM after working your 9-5 job isn’t always superawesomecool. But the things I like a little less about being a photographer don’t even bother me when the things I like a whole lot more about being a photographer are just so awesome. Like going to concerts. And showing you all these awesome photos that make you wish you were there too. And showing you all these awesome photos that make you wish you were a photographer too. And, you know, being on stage with Ellie Goulding.

Oh. And working with Mark. That’s my favorite thing about being a photographer. (he totally didn’t make me say that)


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