For the past couple weekends I have been hanging out at Kate’s Club with some pretty amazing people. For those of you reading who aren’t familiar with Kate’s Club here is a statement from their website. It summarizes perfectly who they are:

“Kate’s Club is …FUN! It’s a misconception to think of Kate’s Club as a sad place simply because we’re a grief services organization. More often than not, when you enter a Kate’s Club Clubhouse, you see smiles and laughter. And for the somber moments, we’re grateful that we are here to support one another through them.”



I co-lead a photography workshop with Rachel Ezzo for the teens of Kate’s Club. Our focus was on showing them how photography can be a different source of healing therapy. Showing them that not all the time do we have to use words, or paint a picture, or write in a journal. That there are other ways of expressing our feelings and emotions. That you can participate in the world and heal at the same time. Other ways that may be as simple as pulling out your cell phone and taking a picture. That the best camera you can have is the one you have with you. That there are more ways than just pointing a camera at someone or something to create an amazing image.




I must admit that when I was first asked to co-lead this workshop I was nervous because it was a “grief organization” because for me grief is an everyday battle because I just wasn’t sure how the teens would respond to me …but after spending 2 great days with these teens and the volunteers at Kate’s Club I can’t wait to be part of the organization again! If you have never experienced grief it is not something that can be explained. It is unique to each individual and Kate’s Club is special. They aren’t only there to catch the tears, but they are there to help create new smiles.





Through the workshop exercise we asked the teens to capture a minimum of 5 photos. One that conveyed a happy emotion, one that showed a negative emotion, one that explained shadow, one that expressed “be the light”, and a free shot of whatever moved them. What the teens came up with was ah-mazing! So amazing in fact that the images they took will be shown in an exhibit at Octane Westside date TBA via facebook.




I am so grateful to be part of  LeahandMark & Co. It’s the opportunities like this workshop that allow me to connect with individuals in a new way through photography… in a way that helps them connect with themselves.

A special thank you to Rachel Ezzo and the staff, teens and parents of Kate’s Club for letting me be part of the healing process.

My name is Krisandra. My Sister, Dad, and (step) Dad died.

My submission for negative emotion taken with my iPhone.
My submission for negative emotion taken with my iPhone.






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