I’m not kind of photographer who’s going to blog each and every shoot as the “greatest, bestest, most favoritest (insert: family/wedding/donut/etc.) shoot EVER!” because, really, what are the chances that each successive shoot is going to top the one before it every. single. time? not bloody likely. (sorry. I’m on a Downton Abbey kick. I’m british in myRead more

Vivian + Mike | Engagement Session + Zombies | Part ONE

This is Vivian & Mike. They’re getting married this year and these are preview photos from their engagement session that we filmed last Tuesday. I say filmed because along with still photography – we made video. The video is being edited but none of us could wait to show some preview photos from the shoot!Read more

Making a Photo | by +Luiza

A camera is used to take a photo, right? Well… yes and no. I used to think that’s all you do with a camera. Take a photo. I’d go out and take a photo of this, take a photo of that, and take a photo of them. And then I read something somewhere where a photographer mentioned how he made a photo. And I thoughtRead more