So you already know that being an intern with LeahAndMark is awesome. I tell you this every other time I write. The other +photographers tell you this. Mark tells you this. And the interns tell you this. And show you. All. The. Time.

You see the awesome, creative work that comes out of the internship. The amazing shoots and events interns get to attend. From week to week and blog post to blog post you see consistent improvement. But there’s even more than that. Along with the events and constant opportunities to practice, there are also workshops just for interns where you can ask all of the questions and get all of the answers. Seriously. Mark will just give all his secrets away. Because when you have such awesome ideas, and when you’ve developed such amazing techniques, it would just be selfish not to share them and help someone else improve.

But it’s only a few short months. And you have to shoot and shoot and shoot. And at the end of it you’ll either be burned out from all that work and no sleep, or you’ll be mad at yourself for not shooting EVERYTHING. But no matter what, you’ll know you’ve learned and improved. It’s impossible not to. And at the end of it, the weeks where I went on 3 hours of sleep each night because I was trying to balance a job, school, and the internship, were totally, completely worth it.

And after the internship? It only gets better. Everyone take away something different from the internship. No one has the same exact experience. But many of the interns I was shooting with during my season have since launched a website, started their own company, and are really successful. They’re consistently putting out amazing work.

And me? I’ve decided that I loved it so much I’m doing it again. But as a plus! And it’s just as amazing and then some. Because I’m still consistently learning and improving, but I’m also teaching and helping the current interns improve. They’re coming to me with questions, which is crazy. But what’s even more crazy is that I actually have answers!

Even as a plus, I don’t think I actually stepped out of the “I’m an intern” mentality until Season [X] started to come to me with questions. I still feel like I should be carrying Mark’s gear or getting him coffee or something every where I go. And sometimes I still do.

So with the nights of no sleep and the hard job of balancing work, being a plus, being with friends/family/boyfriend and actually taking some time to myself, I get a little overwhelmed. But that’s okay because I have an amazing time with everything, I’m never bored, I get to hang out with awesome people, I get to photograph people getting married (or fake-married in this case), and it’s always AMAZING.


Makeup: Raney O’Keefe
Reception/Table Design: Roundabout
Ceremony & Portrait Session Design: Project5A Events
Location: Private Residence
Brides: Theresa Weisenberger & Roddas Workneh
Groom: Christopher Bupp


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