Why would you shoot only family portraits? Or only weddings? Or only events? Or only any one thing?

There is so much world to see and so many photos to be taken, and limiting yourself  to only one or only few things seems so… foolish.

On every shoot I go to, no matter what, I have one recurring goal. I need to learn. If at the end of a shoot I don’t walk away with new knowledge, new ideas, or a better or different way to do something, then it wasn’t a successful shoot. No matter how awesomelyamazing the photos are, if I don’t become a better photographer from a shoot, I wasn’t successful.

And that’s why I always want to try new things. shoot new things. challenge myself. Because when I do something I haven’t done before, I’ll learn.


What’s the point of only shooting weddings? Or only shooting portraits? They’ll all start to look the same. Things will get boring. A lot of times, specializing in one thing means specializing in boring. And I hate boring.

So do the opposite. Be not-boring. Try something new every time. Sign yourself up for something unfamiliar. Climb a tree and shoot from there. Hang upside down. Do some video. Bring in some zombies. Shoot some not-weddings and some not-portraits.

And go do. And learn. And be good at everything.