For the past two Sundays I led a Children’s Portraiture workshop at Piedmont Park for the current interns, my first workshop ever. When trying to come up with a workshop to lead the interns in I came to realize just how many children I have photographed in the last couple years. Who would have thought back when I was in photography school that I would end up with a specialization in children’s portraiture and actually love it?! Not me or my instructors.


I kind of “fell into” the field. It all started with photographing children’s headshots for an Atlanta talent agency and took flight from there. When I first started I didn’t think that I would actually enjoy photographing children. I was use to photographing adults and being able to get what I wanted out of each session. With children it is SO not like that, which I learned the hard way. Children have a super short attention span and tire easily. Emotions run deep and most of the time they are going to do what they want to do. So, how do I get a successful session out of a 5 year old?


This is what I wanted to show the current interns. I wanted to show how I interact with the kids, tips and tricks. What I do when it’s freezing cold out or the sun isn’t shinning or the kid doesn’t want to smile. How to take one area and get 5 different backdrops out of it. How to make the kid my new best friend. I wanted to show how I can go through 4-6 different outfits in an hour and a half and have each one look completely different. So, I introduce the models.

Meet Claire. 12 years old.


Meet Kane. 2 1/2 years old.


Meet Jewlee. 5 years old.


I wasn’t sure what to expect from the interns or myself as a leader. I know in a past blog I went on and on about how I enjoyed leading the interns at introduction night and this is still true. But, with the workshop it was just me and the interns. No one else. My models, my rules, my name. If the models didn’t show, it was on me. If the interns didn’t learn a thing, it was on me. If this didn’t go well, it was on me. From the looks of the current intern blogs I would say it the Children’s Portraiture workshop was a SUCCESS!



I am glad I had the opportunity to lead this workshop and want to thank all the interns who participated. A major thanks to the models and parents of our models.You all did amazing.

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