Iím tired. Really really really tired.

I work 40+ hours a week at my day job (or rather, night job), making movies play at a theater. Which is AWESOME. And then I work 40+ hours a week being a photographer, which is even more AWESOME. Whether Iím shooting, editing, marketing, planning, etc., I stay pretty busy. And Iím tired. But at least Iím not tired and bored. Because I freaking love what I do. Seriously.

I get home from work at 4AM, wake up at 8AM, go shoot in the cold rain for a few hours, go straight back to work, and then finally get in bed at 4AM again. And repeat it all the next day. And the next day. And probably the next day too.

I work really really really hard and Iím so happy to be working so hard. Iím not fortunate enough to live solely off photography yet, but thatís okay. Because I know Iím working hard, and as long as I do that, Iíll be happy.

I mean, I must be doing something right if youíre here looking at my photos and reading my posts. Itís not some miracle that I got to take part in the best internship in the country. And itís not some miracle that I then went on to be a plus photographer with the best photographers around. Itís because I work hard. I got my first SLR camera almost 6 years ago, and I havenít put it down since. (except sometimes when I sleep, but we already know that doesnít happen too often)

So now Iím here going on shoots with current interns. And the other day one of them looked at me and said, ďhey, weíre just interns here. Give us advice. Tell us what to do.Ē

ďUhm. Just keep shooting.Ē

Keep shooting and work hard. Work really really really hard. Sleep less. Don’t make excuses. Ask more questions. Explore. Experiment. Research. Be different. And learn. Because if youíre not learning, youíre doing something wrong.

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