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I have a confession to make. I haveÖ a tattoo. A whole whopping ONE tattoo. I know. Iím a rebel. (My grandma doesn’t even know about it. She also doesn’t know how to check her email, so I think my confession is safe.) I got it three or four years ago, during one of the most trying, confusing, bittersweet times of my entire life. Itís simple and small and hidden under my clothes, which I actually kind of love. I did it for myself and the meaning of what it represents to me is private and JUST FOR ME.

My first boudoir client of the New Year was Sara, who is intensely private and yet, pushed aside any nervousness she mightíve had to have boudoir photos taken for herself first and her husband second (Her words. Obviously, Saraís awesome.). She also rocks some pretty amazing tattoos, hidden out of sight because sheís a teacher. Now. My number one rule for my boudoir clients is that I never, ever post a single image on my blog unless you say itís okay. (Remember me and my little hidden tattoo? So yes. I know how you feel.) Saraís photos are all totally private, except for this one that she chose to share. Itís a really good reminder that no matter what you have hidden underneath- inside or out, you are beautiful. Really. Iím talking to you.


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