So while I was planning to go to this concert, my friend says, “Oh, you should bring you came… no. Nevermind. I don’t want you to work, I want you to have fun.”

And it got me thinking.

I immediately responded with, “No no, I want to take photos. It’s not work. It’s fun for me.”

And that’s true. But I also realized that he had a point. I realized that I no longer distinguish between shooting for fun and shooting for work. (but that’s probably a good thing)

Ever since I was an intern for LeahAndMark, I grew a tiny Mark on my shoulder that follows me everywhere I go and yells things in my ear like “This is a shot any guest could take,” or, “shoot higher. HIGHER!” It’s all constructive. And awesome. I promise.

As soon as I got there I wasn’t thinking about how excited I was for the bands, but I was looking around the room for the best spot to get photos. I probably stationed myself at around 20 different places instead of staying with the crowd. I ended up climbing the railing around the guys at the sound board. That was the best spot for photos. And I spent a good amount of time protecting my gear from people throwing water (and punches).

But did I have fun? HECK YES. And I’m bringing my camera to the next concert too. We went to see Of Mice & Men at The Masquerade in Atlanta, and the music was great, the crowd was wild, and I’d hate to not have a record of the best night of my life (so far).

Oh. But I did leave my gear with my sister for a few minutes so I could get in the crowd for the last few songs. And I may or may not have gotten punched in the jaw. It still hurts. See what happens when I leave my camera? That’s karma, dude.

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