Without fail, whenever Iím out shooting, the same thought pops into my head: my job is so freaking awesome. At some point or another, I stop and think about how beautiful everything is and how much fun Iím having and just how fortunate I am to be right here, right now, and call it work.†

Donít get me wrong. Itís not always peachy. Sometimes I do get frustrated and stressed and just want to kick something over like Iím five years old or something. But most of the time it really does feel like Iím just hanging out with someone. Because I smile, and I get to make them smile, and I think thatís just totally awesome.†


I mean, who wouldnít enjoy strolling through a park for a few hours with some great people, a camera, some sunshine, and no worries?†

I just absolutely love what I do. And I think thatís super important. It makes me happy, and I know itís something I can do every day forever and not get bored. Itís always a new experience. And itís always awesome.

I love my job. I love my work. And I love the people I work with.