Knock, Knock!

(Who’s there?)

Plus one!

(Plus one who?)


Some of you might recognize my name from Leah and Mark’s last group of interns in Season [NINE]. I am no longer intern Krisandra. I am now PLUS Krisandra.

So, let me re-introduce myself. All the horror stories you hear about the internship are TRUE, but what is also true is how much you learn and grow in the longest shortest 3 months of your life.

I can honestly say I busted my behind during my 3 months. Lots of sleepless nights, glueing my phone to my hand to make sure I didn’t miss a single opportunity, double and triple booking myself, getting lost, troubleshooting, messing up and getting it right. Mainly taking a shot in the dark and hoping I did something to make Leah and Mark notice me. I hadn’t done this since college. Not to say I didn’t work hard before, but I forgot what it really was to WORK HARD and be part of a team that WORKED HARD. I missed that. I knew I had to be part of this after my internship was over. So, that I did.

If you have followed or even seen my intern blog you know that I love to be behind the camera taking photographs. If your not familiar with my work let me tell you a little of what I do.

I photograph weddings.


I photograph families.



I photograph children.


I photograph boudoir and portraits.



I photograph newborns




I photograph hip hop shows.



I photograph tattoos and sideshow.


I photograph products.


I am excited to get started. Photography is my life and passion. I have some awesome shoots already in the planning stages and looking for more! Happy New Year everyone. I look forward to working with you. This is going to be an ah-mazing year.

I am +Krisandra. Now, let’s get to work.

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