la fin | by +elaine

look, I know no matter how awesome a thing might be, too much of a good thing is…too much. I’ve already told you how incredibly fun these Atlanta Man Calendar shoots were. how great it was to see places in atlanta I never knew existed. how great all the gentleman were to let us drop into their lives for a couple hours, and not only convince them to pose in embarassingly suggestive ways, but also to allow us to document it with photographs. and then print them for mass consumption. I might’ve even mentioned the drinking at morning shoots (which happened more often than you would think). so really, there’s no need for me to extend this out into another blog or two. so we will close out the Atlanta Man Calendar with this last blog post wrap-up. and then I can move on to things like Art is in the Blood, and some fantastic weddings, a product shoot at Good Karma Bakery, and 1-year-old’s birthday party, plus all the other awesome things heading down the pipe.

for the last time, I present for your viewing pleasure, the remaining gentleman of the Atlanta Man Calendar:

Carlton Mackey, Artist, Activist, fellow Trashwater Nicaragua traveller, and all-around good guy

Raymond Carr, Ninja Puppeteer

Cousin Dan, Musician & Performer

Damon Moon, Musician

Grant Henry, Artist, and owner of Sister Louisa’s Church of the Living Room & Ping Pong Emporium

Jonathan, Jeff & Joel of Monday Night Brewing

and finally, our cover-gent, Gerry Brown, 2012 London Games Olympic Torch Bearer

but the Atlanta Man Calendar shoot is not really done. because the reason behind it was to raise funds for the trashwater trip to nicaragua. and that’s about to happen. soon. so buy your calendar HERE. and then get ready to hear all about the nicaragua trip once we get back.