I may have mentioned it before, but this whole calendar project was the most hysterical series of photo shoots I’ve ever had the pleasure to be a part of. several of these men are atlanta icons, and here I am “nice to meet you, arch your back, pucker your lips, and give me ‘sexy eyes'”. one of the gents (ahem, sam parker) met me with “do I need to take my clothes off? I have an S&M mask I can wear if you want.” best. job. ever.

so in this installment of the man calendar, I bring to you CatlantaKing of Pops, and Sam Parker of Memorial Tattoo:


as much fun as this project has been, it’s easy to lose sight of the end goal, which was to create a fundraising calendar. the release party, hosted by native crave and fallen arrows is friday, october 5th. you should go. the monies earned from sales of this epic piece of awesomeness will bring trashwater.org closer to their goal of constructing a water purification center in los brasiles, nicaragua. this center will provide those folks clean drinking water, indoor plumbing, a place to bathe, do laundry, and to wash their produce; all of which are things they don’t currently have access to or are unable to do.

going to nicaragua to photograph the breaking ground of this project, to meet those people who will be benefiting from the water purification center, and to work with such an amazing team of folks is an adventure I’m looking forward to. this is an opportunity for me to lift my head up, look around, and see a bit of the world the way it really is. to see that there are other pressing issues than just the ones that we have going on in our own lives. of course I hope to take great pictures. I also hope that by sharing these images, that these places and people we’ll be visiting will become real. that you will get to see and touch and know, even if it’s only virtually. making the world a little bit smaller and more accessible.

how often do we get to experience something completely different from our every day lives? having the opportunity to step out of the wife and mother routine, to reconnect with myself, will be a scary yet welcome prospect. and to get to come back home to my kids and husband, my life, with a new appreciation will be an even greater gift.