Friends are hard to come by. Not acquaintances- those are easy: sitting next to you at work, standing in front of you in the grocery store check-out, living next door and sharing a fence line and carpool duties- but FRIENDS. Real, fun, enriching friendships… the soulmate variety who make you laugh (and laugh alongside with you). And I have a confession- whenever The Husband and I meet new friends- people who are nice and awesome and seem like the kind of people who’d get excited about our annual Halloween parties- well, we take them to this little place called Whole World Improv Theatre. It’s like an audition. And call me judgemental, but if (and only if) these new friends laugh their asses off, tears running down their cheeks and appreciating Whole World for the awesomeness that it is (and that noplace else can replicate), well. THOSE are the friends we keep around. Simple as that.

When I was younger, I was pretty down on Atlanta- the city in general just underwhelmed me. (Total snob that I am, I compare every city to New York and thus never will love another place quite like it.) BUT. Atlanta is actually not bad. In fact, it’s awesome. You just have to know where to look and how to explore the city. And in a city that’s home to places like Piedmont Park, the Plaza Theatre, and art on the Beltline, all perfect and unique to a city that does chicken and waffles like nobody’s business, a place like Whole World just… fits. They’re a nonprofit theatre that’s done amazing things around the city- from Improv in the Park every year to Improv In Dialysis in conjucture with Childrens Healthcare of Atlanta- and most importantly, they’re funny. Hilarious. Laugh-til-you-cry… or pee-yourself funny. And they’re also awesome. Really, really [really] awesome.

To be able to walk into Whole World on a random Wednesday night and um, HAVE THE RUN OF THE PLACE was crazy. I’ve been going there for ten years, so to talk (and direct) the actors that I’ve watched (and laughed at) for such a long time was kind of like meeting a gaggle of celebrities and then having to boss them around. At first, I felt ridiculously shy… until Creative Director Chip readied himself for his close-up with spray of cherry Binaca and I realized that these people were just funny. We (myself + Interns Haley and Krisandra) laughed from behind our cameras the. entire. time.

Thank you to Chip and Eric and Emily and the whole WWIT family for welcoming us so warmly. And for making us laugh- for the ten years since I first discovered Whole World and to the next ten, twenty, fifty. You. Are. Awesome.

Atlanta. Photographer. Improv. Whole. World. Theatre.