practicing what I preach | by +elaine

with the season 9 interns now on board, I find myself (re-)dispensing these bits of wisdom that I’ve learned since I was an intern way in the long ago of season 7. you know, back when we had to walk 5 miles to get to shoots. through snow. uphill, both ways. things like wearing comfortable […]

Journey | by +Krista

So. This is not the first time that Drag Queens and all their fabulousness have graced the pages of LeahAndMark.com- almost six months ago, I had one of my favorite shoots to date at Burkharts Pub: home of the best drag in Atlanta (seriously, itís been proven). Six months doesnít sound like much, but trust […]


Wednesday by Leah: Did I do that?

A few days before BabyRoX was born, Mark and I went to pick up some†baby items we needed. It was during this shopping trip that I†discovered the NoseFrida. It’s basically a straw/tube thing that†parents can use to suck snot out of their kid’s nose. “Gross!!,” we jointly exclaimed. We would never suck snot out of […]


The Internship | Season [NINE]

– Posted by Mark We’ve come a long way since we started our photography business and really – we’ve gone even further since we began our photography internship. There are other photography internships out there, but we’re pretty sure there are none that are like ours. We’ve taken on as many as 15 interns and […]