Shipping Up to Boston | by +Krista

Weddings are awesome. I know, I know. As a photographer, Im sort of supposed to say that. But its true- and not [only] for the obvious reasons. Sure, weddings are fun: full of dancing and champagne and family. Big, happy celebrations of finding love and throwing a party. But as a photographer, theyre also a […]


Chicago Wedding Flashmob | Jessica & Jeff

This is Jessica and Jeff – I briefly met them for a second when I was up in New York for the APracticalWedding.com YAY New York Event. Actually – that ‘moment’ essentially boiled down to me trying to hustle them into our photobooth that night. There were a lot of other great photographers there – […]


Carnival Styled Shoot | by +Mishaun

– Posted by +Mishaun One of my favorite parts of working with LeahAndMark is meeting the new interns! Every three months the LeahAndMark family grows to include a new crop of amazing individuals. Season [NINE] is awesome. I mean like really awesomein your face amazing! I know Mark says every season is the best ever […]