When I tell people that I shoot Boudoir Photography, I usually get one of two reactions: they’ve either a) never heard of such a thing, or b) only pictured boudoir as some kind of explicit, sordid Thing We Don’t Talk About. Yeah. Well. Here’s the thing: Boudoir is Awesome.

I’ll confess a secret: I actually have a lot of issues with self-esteem and body confidence. I’ve struggled with it my whole life- through middle school’s awkward years of bra fittings and changing for gym class, to high school when I battled up-and-down body image problems, to even now, as I struggle (again) to lose the baby weight and fit back into my size 6 pre-pregnancy jeans. And the worst part of not feeling good about yourself is other people and the words that hurt us most. And specifically, Mean Girls: those other people who affected you (and me) in high school and now take the form of mutual friends and fellow PTA moms. I know. I understand- more than you could probably ever know. Which is why I shoot Boudoir: simply put, it reminds you that you are, in fact, beautiful. Just the way you are.

There’s something powerful about feeling beautiful. Yes, it goes against the very foundation of feminism and the words we’ve screamed- our minds are more important. Our strength is more important. Our rights are more important than the way we look or how well we walk in heels. And that’s true- all of those things ARE more important. But the most important thing any woman, anywhere, can do for herself is to throw all her hang-ups about big thighs or boyish hips out the window and embrace feeling good. About her mind, her beliefs, her body, her flaws, everything. THE WHOLE PACKAGE. Seriously. Centuries’ worth of artistic masterpieces are hanging in museums all over the world- if Picasso and Klimt and Modigliani and Botticelli could understand that we are beautiful, why can’t we?

I had my own boudoir shoot once before- a few years (and one baby) ago. At first, I sort of just felt ridiculous. Silly. Embarassed. (After all, can’t all women still perform the 7th Grade locker room trick: taking off your bra without ever having to undress in front of anyone?) But then something shifted within me and by the end of that shoot, I OWNED that damn thing. It’s a rare thing that I love a picture of myself- 99% of the time, I cringe, make a joke to make myself feel better, and file it away in a drawer in my dresser. (Which, ironically enough, happens to be the drawer where I keep my underwear. Coincidence?) But that feeling- hair, makeup, everything in place, and I felt it all. Powerful. Sexy. Strong. Beautiful. It was awesome- the medicine that I needed to remind myself that I AM those things. And so are you.

You could do a boudoir session for your husband. Fiance. Boyfriend. Girlfriend. Whoever. But really? You should do it for yourself. You’ll be so glad that you did. Trust me.

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  1. Awesome post Krista, and I love your commentary on the need to feel beautiful! The shots are lovely πŸ™‚

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