with the season 9 interns now on board, I find myself (re-)dispensing these bits of wisdom that I’ve learned since I was an intern way in the long ago of season 7. you know, back when we had to walk 5 miles to get to shoots. through snow. uphill, both ways. things like wearing comfortable shoes. having spare hair ties in your bag. investing in a flash if you don’t have one. and a ladder if you’re short like me. having a spare camera battery charged or charging when you’re using your other one. never letting a client see that you’re nervous and unsure. and always bring your camera. always. even if you have no plans or the inclination to shoot. because if you don’t, that’s when the opportunities especially present themselves.

I’ll tell you the truth, though. I love love love what I do. but sometimes I just want to be in the moment, and not trying to capture it. to be at a party and enjoy myself instead of taking pictures of other people having the fun. yes, photography is its own wonderful fun, but it separates you.

I know I mentioned the tae kwon do camp that I ran this summer, but did I tell you I’m a tae kwon do student, as well? this is relevant, I swear. 11 Alive invited our school Atlanta’s United Tae Kwon Do (along with a Nella Fencers, and Hands On Atlanta) to be on tv for a live feed during the olympic breaks. so a bunch of us showed up in our uniforms at Centennial Park for demonstrations and olympic trivia quizzes. and a lot of hurry up and wait in the crazy hot sun. I brought my camera bag, because that’s what you’re supposed to do, but with the full intention of not using it. I wanted to be, not to do. but I just couldn’t help myself. when you’re a photographer, you can’t help but see the world as an ongoing series of great images to be captured.

whenever the olympics were back on air, we weren’t being televised. so, I grabbed my camera which I (almost) always bring with me, I put my hair up with my spare hair tie, I ran around in my comfortable shoes, and shot with my fully charged battery. I shot to have something to do. and then, even when we were back on tv, I kept shooting. because that’s what I do. really, I just can’t help myself.

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  1. This is so cute, Elaine! But I totally know what you mean about wanting to BE at the event rather than behind the camera. πŸ™‚

  2. πŸ™‚ You give such great advice. You are like my version of Mr. Miyagi except in female form and not 1 million years old.

  3. "When you’re a photographer, you can’t help but see the world as an ongoing series of great images to be captured." Yep. I adore the last photo.

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